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Check out our Machinery List and give us a call or email if you are looking for a particular piece of equipment.

We are experts in Plant Hire so we know how to get any piece of machinery you need for your work. And we'll look after you without delay and for a excellent price.

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Maher Plant Hire
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We have a huge range of machines for any type of job that you are undertaking. You can see the full machinery list below or you can download a Microsoft Word file here that has the full list.

Angle grinder 5 inch
Angle grinder 9 inch
Auger petrol
Auger on digger
Air compressor 150 cfm
Air compressor 370 cfm hp
Air compressor petrol
Air compressor electric
Acrow no 1
Acrow no 2
Acrow no 3
Air condition unit small
Air condition unit large industrial
Aluminium tower 2ftx6ftx18ft
Aluminium tower 4ftx6ftx18ft

Bowers 1000liters diesel double skin
Block grab and net
Block grab hydraulic
Brick splitter
Brick saw petrol
Brick saw electric
Bench saw
Bull float\trowel
Bobcat skid steer loader/bucket, grab and forks
Bottle jacks
Bearing pullers set
Bench sander
Beam clamps

Carpet cleaner
Crowd control barriers
compaction plate petrol
compaction plate diesel forward/reverse
Cable scanners and gene
Con saw petrol 12“
Con saw petrol 14”
Cut and brake petrol saw
Concrete petrol planer
Concrete floor scabbler petrol
Concrete floor planer electric
Concrete moisture meter
Chop saw timber
Chop saw metal
Come along 1/4ton to 1.5tons

Dehumidifires small/large
Digger 1 ton micro 28inchs wide
Digger 1.5 ton mini
Digger 3ton mini
Digger3.5 ton mini
Digger 6 ton mini
Digger 7.5 ton midi
Digger 8 ton midi
Digger 15 ton excavator
Digger 18 ton excavator
Digger 3cx rubber tyred
Dumper ¼ ton
Dumper ¾ ton
Dumper1.5 ton height discharge swivel
Dumper 3 ton swivel
Die grinder
Dumper 6 ton swivel
Dumper 6 ton swivel with cab/road lights
Dumper 9 ton
Dump truck 14 ton
Dump truck 18 ton
Drill 18 volt
Drill24 volt
Drill36 volt
Drill right angle
Drill heavy duty 6 inch hole
Drilling rig up to 18inch holes
Door trimmer
Diesel tanks bunded 2000liters
Demolition hammers small, medium and large
Distribution box 110volt
Distribution box 400volt

Extension leads 110volt/220volt
Extractor fan
Eraser deck 2 meter
Edging sander

Fall Arrest Block

Flood lights
Floor sander square buff
Floor sander drum type
Floor polisher
Floor scrubber
Fire hydrant stand pipe
Fire hydrant hose pipe
Fire hydrant key
Fire hydrant pipe nozzel
Forklift 2.5ton 72volt battery Toyota
Forklift 3ton diesel Toyota
Forklift 3ton diesel rough terrain
Forklift 14 meter teleporter
Forklift 17 meter teleporter
Forklift small telescopic handler

Gas torch single
Gas torch twin
Garden rotavator small, medium and large
Generator 3kva petrol
Generator 6kva petrol
Generator 6kva silenced diesel
Generator 10kva silenced diesel
Generator 22kva silenced diesel
Generator 26kva silenced diesel
Generator 50kva silenced diesel
Generator 70kva silenced diesel
Generator 100kva silenced diesel
Generator 110kva silenced diesel
Generator 150kva silenced diesel
Generator 270kva silenced diesel
Glass suction lifter manual

Hardwall sander with hoover
Hardwall mixer 110volt
Heater showgun diesel [fan]
Heater day star diesel
Heater val 6 diesel
Heater propane gas [ fan]
Heater inferred electric 220/110volt
Heater 400 volt 3 phase [ fan]
Hedge trimmer
Hoover wet vac
Hoover triple motor
Hoover twin motor

Impact wrench ½ inch and ¾ inch drives 110volt
Impact wrench pneumatic ½ inch drives to 1inch [air]

Kerb lifter 2 man

Jumping jack petrol
Jump leads
Jig saw

Level laser
Level pipe laser
Ladder double extension
Ladder roof type
Little giant step ladders varies sizes
Lift 19ft scissors battery
Lift 32ft scissors battery
Lift 33ft scissors rough terrain 4x4 diesel
Lift 43ft scissors rough terrain 4x4 diesel
Lift 34ft battery boom lift 2x4
Lift 34 diesel boom lift 2x4
Lift tracked 14 meter articulated petrol
Lift 45ft articulated boom rough terrain 4x4
Lift 46ft straight boom rough terrain 4x4
Lift 51ft articulated boom rough terrain 4x4
Lift 60ft straight boom rough terrain 4x4
Lift 66ft straight boom rough terrain 4x4
Lift 85ft straight boom rough terrain 4x4
Light twin 110volt
Lighting tower diesel
Lawn mower petrol walk behind
Lawn mower petrol 20 hp ride on
Lawn mower diesel
Lawn scaffier petrol
Lawn roller water
Loading shovel [mini]2 ½ ton
Lawn edger petrol
Log splitter 20ton petrol

Magnetic drill medium/large
Metal detector
Measuring wheel
Moisture meter
Meadow mower
Mixer electric
Mixer petrol
Mixer diesel
Magic screed 2meter to 5meter

Nail gun pneumatic [f14 – f16]
Nail gun hilti cartage
Nail gun senco gas
Nibbler 110volt

Paper shredder large 400volts
Pole hedge trimmer
Pole saw petrol
Pump 2 inch electric
Pump 2inch heavy duty electric
Pump 2inch hydraulic petrol
Pump 2 ½ inch petrol trash
Pump 3inch petrol trash
Pump 4inch 3phase electric trash
Puddle pump
Pump 4inch diesel trash
Pump 6inch diesel trash
Pully block 1ton
Pully block 1 ½ ton
Pully block 2ton
Pully block 5 ton
Planer [door]
Pallet truck 2ton
Power washer electric
Power washer petrol
Power washer diesel
Power washer with bowser towable
Porto powers up to 80tons
Pullers bearing
Pipe bender copper
Pipe benders steel
Pipe vice
Pipe stand
Pipe treader manual
Power pack petrol
Pipe treader electrical manual
Pipe treader on stand
Paint sprayer air
Pipe stoppers all sizes
Paint sprayer airless pro
Power float 24inch
Power float 36 inch
Porto loo
Pipe laser level
Porto cabins
Porto nailer
Porto nailer pneumatic
Pole scabbler pneumatic
Piller drill

Rock breaker from 1.5ton to 18ton machines
Roller 1ton walk behind
Roller 2.5ton ride on
Roller 4ton ride on
Roller 7ton ride on
Roller 12ton ride on
Router 110 volt
Road cones
Road signs
Road sweeper truck type
Road plates
Road saw petrol
Road saw diesel
Rubbish shuts
ReeL Fall Arrest 6 meter
Rescue tripod and winch
Rodding reels small medium and large

Slate ripper
Slate punch[natural slate]
Slate guilitine
Sand blasting equipment
Safety fences
Steam cleaner home/kitchen
Steam cleaner single phase 1500psi
Steam cleaner 3phase 3000psi [industry]
Strimmer 40 cc
Scaffold towers
Scaffold planks
Safety signs chapter 8
Safety cones 30 inch
Safety harness
Shuttering pans 4x2
Shuttering panels 2700x2400
Sewer rods
Safety barriers
Sod cutter 4x4 petrol
Stop and go poles
Scaffold winch 110volt 180kg lift
Spider box 110volt
Slab lifter
Senco drywall screw gun
Stone rake [blick] petrol
Stone rake and bobcat skid steer
Stake driver pneumatic
Span decks
Sumner winch 2112

Tm 310s waste shovel
Tar burner
Telescopic handler mini
Telescopic handlers 14 meter
Telescopic handlers 17 meter

Tex gun 110 volt
Test bucket and clock
Traffic lights
Trailers of various sizes
Tile cutter
Tile saw
Tile table saw
Tower lights diesel
Timber shredder 8inch towable
Timber shredder tracked 8inch diesel [pro]
Timber trestle varies sizes
Transformers 3kva
Transformers 5kva
Torch spanners small/medium and large
Transformers 15kva from 400volts 3phase
Teodilite surveying
Transformers 15kva from 220volts
Tifur winch
Trolley jacks small/medium/large
Tractor mower

Variable message signs
Vibrating poker 110volt 1inch head
Vibrating poker petrol
Vibrating poker height freq petrol
Vibrating poker height freq diesel
Vibrating twin power screed 6meter
Vibrating sander 4inch
Vibrating sander orbital

Waste rotation grab to suit 20 ton excavator
Wall chaser with hoover
Wallpaper stripper
Walkie talkies
Water bollards 2meter
Weed sprayer [backpack]
Weed sprayer [towable 12volt]
Welder 220volt
Welder 400 volt tig
Welder moza 300amp diesel
Welder moza 400amp diesel
Welder wire feed 400volt